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Live Ayurvedic Society

Your Monthly Ayurvedic Experience.

You want to experience the benefits of Ayurveda, not just learn the theories and information. 

But actually apply it in your life. 

That’s why we created this program. 

Each month, we go deep into a health & wellness topic and then give you an action plan with a daily practice to set up a habit with practical, tactical relevant strategies to apply it in your life. SIMPLE.

No fluff, no drama. 

You get, worksheets, a daily practice habit-building strategy and a step-by-step roadmap to get right into practice. 

Because you have a lot on your plate, and you need good habits to get it done.

Monthly Deep Dive Video Trainings

Live Q&A Calls

Workbooks & Cheatsheets

Exclusive Facebook Group

Guest Lectures

BONUS: Fundamentals Course

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We’re offering a limited time introductory price to our community. If you sign up before Dec 15, 2020 you become one of our FOUNDING MEMBERS and keep this price for as long as you remain a member, and more LAUNCH ONLY bonuses! 

Prices go up on Dec 15, 2020.

Not just an Ancient Wisdom

Ayurveda - A Truly Holistic Approach

AYURVEDA is not just a science of herbs and massages from India…  It is a profound way of living in harmony with yourself, your environment and the experiences you choose to create in your life. Ayurveda works to enhance every area of your life:

Your mind and emotions.
Your relationships & sexuality.
Your contributions to the world and your productivity. 
Your capacity to make the best of your life.
Your impact to your family and friends and the people around you. 

What's In The Membership?

The Live Ayurvedic Society is a deep-dive implementation monthly coaching program on how to 

  • Get the wisdom and strategies that are right for your constitution (don’t worry if you don’t know what it is!)
  • Create the right habits, routines, rituals to set yourself up for success in your health and life endeavors. 
  • Imbibe the philosophy of wellness, prevention and rejuvenation.
  • See the benefits of your wellbeing reflect in every area of your life. 
You get a systematic approach with live coaching and easy access to your trainers. 
You get workbooks on each topic to help you apply a daily practice on the topic.
You get to learn and share with others in our incredible community — co-learning is a beautiful and powerful way to make changes.

Video (and audio download) to a lecture on the topic with your expert trainers, complete with  informative, practical step by step approach to apply the topic into your life. 

Each topic comes with relevant cheat-sheets that summarize the main strategies. 

Also, the workbook is a critical key to success as we set you up for a daily practice and application of the topic.

Twice a month, we got on a call to discuss your question on the topic, or any other question related to wellness you have. 

Listening to questions from others in the group is also a great way to learn!

Monthly Topics

We wanted this program to be the best bang for the the buck. Here’s a sneak peek at some topics we will learn and practice. 

 Digestion is the master system. We will learn the principles of healthy digestion that you can apply for your constitution, your health goals and concerns. 

Dinacharya or daily routines are the fundamentals to keeping your body’s functions are an optimal. A fascinating topic to learn with creative solutions for today’s busy era.

We experience the external world through the 5 senses. How and what we consume through our senses has a profound effect on our health, emotions and mind. Learn simple and pleasing technique that you will see immediate results from. 

How you move your body can help or hurt you.. it can imbalance your doshas or balance them. This month, we will discuss the ideal ways to work out for your constitution, diet, routine and daily activities. 

What does sleep do? Why is the timing of sleep so important? How to help your body get the deep rest it needs to rejuvenate, restore and repair your cells and tissue. 

Learn how to create a simple home cleanse for yourself to use once or twice a year or even milder ones quarterly. We will discuss fasting, and why Ayurveda emphasizes seasonal cleansing. 

Sneak Peek at

What's Included

When you sign up, you immediately get access to the topic of the month as well as our BONUSES including the foundations courses and all guest lectures available in our growing library.

Topics like: 

  • Healthy Digestion Master Class

  • Daily Routines by Dosha 

  • Exercise & Sleep Rituals

  • Breath Mastery

  • Home Cleansing

  • Using Herbs & Spices 101

  • Beauty & Anti-Aging

  • Home Remedies for the Family

  • Your  Mind — Your Biggest Tool

  • 5 Senses Care

  • Seasonal Shifts


Ayurveda 101

An introduction to Ayurveda, the three doshas and understanding your unique constitution. (With a quiz).

Value $159

Healthy Gut Basics

The digestive system is the master system. In this module we learn the fundamental stategies to keeping your digestive health your priority.

Value $199

The Root Causes

The unique Ayurvedic perspective of the 3 root causes of all disease. Learning this will fundamentally change how you approach health.

Value $59

The Power of Community

Research is showing that co-learning is a powerful way to enhance how we learn. We learn from the stories, experiences and insights of others on the same journey.  

Our weekly Q&A calls are an opportunity to get to know others in the Society as well as learn from the insights, strategies, struggles and wins from other members in our incredible community. 

When you sign up, we immediately send you a link to join our exclusive Facebook Group, a place where you can get to know and co-learn with a community of like-minded people — those interested in applying the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yogic principles in their lives for health and fulfillment. 



frequently asked questions

Is this for you?

01. I Don’t Know Much About Ayurveda… Is this for me?

Just discovering what is Ayurveda? You, my friend, are going to love this program. Begin with our Foundations Course, which is 3 short and easy to follow videos that bring you upto speed on the basics before you begin the deep-dive. 

03. I Am Interested In Becoming An Ayurvedic Practitioner… Is this for me?

While the Live Ayurvedic Society is not a certification in Ayurveda, it is a fully developed curriculum to give you a hands-on knowledge which you will apply in your life to deepen your relationship with Ayurveda. One year in the Society will give you deep working familiarity for a fraction of the price of a certification. And by all means, it will complement any certification by giving you tools and techniques developed by 30 years of combined experience practicing Ayurveda full time. 

05. Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes! Live Ayurvedic Society is not a contract and is a month to month subscription. Cancellation is easy and simple. Cancellations apply for the month to follow, no refunds on a month you’ve already paid for. We promise you will find value well beyond the $29 every single month. 

02. I Am A Yoga Teacher… Is This For Me?

Yoga and Ayurveda are two sides of the same coin. Live Ayurvedic Society will complement and deepen your practice of yoga on and off the mat and give you tools to offer your students!

04. I Don’t Have Much Time For A Online Course… Is this for me?

The beautiful thing about the Live Ayurvedic Society structure is that it fits in your life with minimal time. One or two videos to watch every month should be easy enough… what you do need time for is application. This is not a program to consume for information. The workbooks and cheatsheets make it simple to apply the specific topic, a few minutes everyday or every few days will create habits of health and wellbeing that will give you benefits for a lifetime. 

06. Can I Share My Membership With My Family?

To respect the proprietary value and information you are getting each month, we request that you not share your login information with anyone. You’re welcome to watch the videos with your family and involve your home in the journey but keep the login information limited to you! 

Ayurvedic Coach

Afrin Sopariwala

Afrin Sopariwala is a Women’s Health Specialist and Life Coach. She has a Yoga Teachers Certificate and is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Practitioner.

Her own personal journey in healing from severe menstrual and digestive issues has lead her focus on the women’s health. She has been an avid student of Ayurveda, Yoga and self improvement through various certifications, mentors, programs and self-study giving her a well-rounded background as a coach.

She loves to share practical, empowering, environmentally conscious, and result focused techniques. She believes the simple daily practices of wellbeing can entirely transform your life. The trick is feeling motivated enough to build those habits. That’s where a coach comes in to guide you through that process.


dr ram tamang bams
Meet Your TraineRS

Dr Ram Tamang

Learn with our master coach and Ayurvedic Physician Dr (Vaidya) Ram Tamang

Dr Ram Tamang has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 20 years and has had a full clinical practice at The Healing Gardens of Ayurveda in Orange County, California since 2006. 

His approach to Ayurveda is to make it simple, practical to see a change in the daily quality of life for his clients while also addressing their health goals and challenges.

He is a certified Herbalist, a Yoga teacher as well as a lover of music and plays the flute.

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