Episode 1:
5 Reasons To Love Ayurveda

In this introductory episode,  listen to an introduction to Ayurveda and the most compelling reasons why you might consider a journey of self-exploration and self-healing with this Wisdom of Life. I share a bit of my story of healing my gut issues with Ayurveda. Enjoy!


Listen to the episode:

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast:

Download Your Free Dosha Cheatsheet

  • Dosha Quiz – This pdf has a 2-page dosha quiz. Answer it based on what has been true for you your whole life. 

  • 3 Doshas and their qualities – The document also includes a handy guide to the three doshas and their qualities. 

Book A Consultation with Dr Ram

  • The most reliable way to discover your constitution is to do a consultation with an experienced Ayurvedic Doctor, with a BAMS degree goes to medical school (in India) for 6+ years.

  •  I highly recommend you do a consultation with Dr Ram Tamang, a caring, compassionate and experienced physician, who’s had a full time Ayurvedic practice for more than 18 years. 

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